Team Rosters and SCHEDULE

Please use the game day quick form to let us know if you're a buddy or a player who will be attending - this will help us ensure that we have enough buddies to help out. Thank you!


Date/TimeHome vs VisitorsAttending
5/3/2018 6:00 PMMeet & Greet (All 3 Teams)NOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/5/2018 9:30 AMOpening Day (All 3 Teams)NOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/10/2018 6:00 PMBlue vs OrangeNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/12/2018 9:30 AMOrange vs. RedNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/17/2018 6:00 PMBlue vs RedNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/19/2018 10:00 AMAll 3 Teams & PICTURE DAYNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/24/2018 6:00 PMBlue vs. OrangeNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/26/2018 12:00 PMNO GAME (Memorial Day Weekend)NOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
5/31/2018 6:00 PMAll 3 Teams followed by poster making for SONHNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/2/2018 9:00 AMNO GAME (Special Olympics Weekend)NOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/7/2018 6:00 PMOrange vs RedNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/9/2018 9:30 AMBlue vs RedNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/14/2018 6:00 PMRed vs OrangeNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/16/2018 9:30 AMBlue vs OrangeNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/21/2018 6:00 PMRed vs BlueNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/23/2018 9:30 AMReserved For A Make Up Game If NeededNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/24/2018 1:35 PMPlease join us for the Fisher Cats game in ManchesterNOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
6/28/2018 6:00 PMWeekly Thursday Practices will start and continue most of the summer.NOT Playing  (or)  Game On!
Abinadi G
Aidan B 
Aiden S
Alec C
 Alex P
Alexys W
Andre S
Brandon R
Danniah O 
Eve Q
Haleigh L
Jack S
Jacob O
Lucas B
Trevor M
 Team  BLUE
Caleb B
Carolina K
Dylan O
Jacob W
Janice B 
Joey D
Mary B
Mason M
Mason O
Nicholas M
Trent A
Virginia K
 Team RED
Aaron L
Blake R
Brandon M
Charlotte H
Christopher L
Haleigh C
Kaylee F
 MacCoy H
Matthew G
Ryan R
Tyler B
Tyler M
Zoe W